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“In many cases, the numerous companies I’ve spoken with let me know that they contacted me because of this Master Class and the course faculty”

Tarsicio del Pozo, BI & Analytics Master Class alumni

“The Master Class along with the experience gained made it possible for me to later qualify for better jobs in line with the concepts I had learned.”

Hector Diaz, BI & Analytics Master Class alumni

In just one year you can become a BI & Analytics professional highly specialised in Microsoft Technology, too
Break your routine and become a successful professional – Expect an amazing today and an extraordinary tomorrow

With the BI and Analytics Master Class You experience one year of intense high-quality BI training on three evenings per week completed with a real-world project you can use as reference.

Your benefits:

  • Learn online from everywhere you want
  • International recognition of your achievement
  • Gain deeper knowledge from globally renowned mentors
  • Benefit from the real-world experience of your mentors
  • Use your project and the expertise you gained as ticket into your new career
  • Exchange with students in similar positions from all over Europe

It’s no easy task to fully convey the benefits of this Master to you, which is why we believe it’s better to hear it from those that have experienced it first-hand:

Héctor Díaz

“I gained confidence in myself and I became more ambitious.

Since then I try to keep pace with Microsoft-related developments.

My teachers guided me in my career and made me decide to supplement my technical skills with business ones. I will always be grateful for the personal attention I received.

My degree gave me the opportunity to start working in a BI department (my previous experience was relational databases). I started a BI-related job at the same time I started the Master’s programme.

The degree along with the experienced gained made it possible for me to later qualify for better jobs in line with the concepts I had learned.

You’ll see that you’ll be able to apply the good practices that you learn in the Master’s programme in the different jobs you have. You can redo or optimise the processes you encounter”.

Tarsicio del Pozo

“It allowed me to refocus my career. At 46 I was able to get back into the labour market in the middle of the economic crisis without having much experience in BI, mainly because of the prestige and recognition of the Master’s programme and the professionals who teach it.

This has undoubtedly been my most important milestone, but I also gained the personal satisfaction of knowing that I received a quality education. This puts you in a great position when faced with new opportunities.

In many cases, the numerous companies I’ve spoken with let me know that they contacted me because of this Master’s degree and the course faculty”.

Get more impressions from SolidQ’s BI Master Class from these alumni

You can push your career significantly in just one year.

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SolidQ has been helping thousands of professionals around the world increase their knowledge and expertise in Microsoft data access platforms since 2002. These are some of the companies for which we have developed BI & Analytics solutions with Microsoft technology.

We have participated in the development of several of the official MOCs and Training Kits for becoming certified in Microsoft SQL Server. Our mentors, including over 50 Microsoft MVPs, have written many books in various languages and have created exclusive materials for all our courses.

The Master’s Degree in BI & Analytics with Microsoft Technologies will make it possible for you to:

Perform Tasks that are highly valuable to your company.

Enjoy your work again. You’ll have a wide range of interesting possibilities to choose from

Continue evolving and keep up to speed in this ever-changing world.

Get a relaxed approach to work and have more time for your family

We offer training with our own online methodology, virtually the same as being in the classroom, and we’ll work together every week for an entire year to reach the goal that you set:

  • 200 hours of live classroom sessions. The same dynamics as an on-site class: you listen to the teacher, there is a blackboard, you can ask questions and discuss topics with the teacher and your classmates. We provide the same enriching experience and you won’t have to spend time traveling to and from class.
  • Access to the website, where you can find answers to your questions in various forums outside class hours.
  • Weekly tutorials on request.
  • Masterclasses in which we share our client experiences as well as discuss any new technological developments.
  • Step-by-step material on how to participate in the guided labs on the schedule that is convenient for you; you will, however, be required to turn in your weekly tasks. You will need a minimum of 125 hours to perform them.
  • Guided by our mentors, you will be required to carry out a real project for your company. You will dedicate a minimum of 150 hours, but we put no limits on your project: there are students who have spent over 800 hours on their projects.


1. BI & Analytics Overview

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • What is it? What is it used for?
  • Solutions for Business needs
  • Present and future. New challenges
  • BI Platform & Microsoft Analytics
  • Data Warehousing
  • BI Architecture
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Labs

2. Data Warehousing & Dimensional Modeling

  • Dimensional modeling
  • Data Warehousing and Data Marts design
  • Inmon vs Kimball
  • Labs

3. Data extraction. ETL and Integration

  • ETL processes (Extraction, Transformation, Load)
  • Department, Coorporate and Personal ETLs
  • ETL for Power Query Business users
  • ETL in practice with SQL Server Integration Services 2016 (SSIS)
  • Dimensional ETL with SSIS
  • ETL Facts with SSIS
  • Deployment, execution, audit and traceability with SSIS
  • Case studies and work  and Frameworks with SSIS
  • External source Data Extraction
  • Main differences between Integration Services 2016 and previous versions
  • Labs

4. Analytical Solutions I

  • Designing OLAP Solutions
  • OLAP Solutions with SQL Server Analysis Services Multidimensional 2016 (SSAS)
  • Main elements of SSAS design (SSAS Core Design Elements)
  • Storage and management of Multidimensional Databases with SSAS
  • Enhancing the Cube
  • Solution Deployment, Management, and Optimization based on SSAS
  • MDX Language (Muti Dimensional eXpressions)
  • Labs

5. Analytical Solutions II

  • In-Memory
  • Introducition and xVelocity architecture
  • Excel 2016, Power BI, Power Pivot and DAX (Data Analysis eXpressions)
  • Memory Solutions with SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular 2016 (SSAS)
  • Main differences between Analysis Services 2016 and previous versions
  • Data Mining
  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data
  • Labs

6. Data Analysis and Visualization

  • Excel 2016 as analytical client
  • SQL Server Reporting Services 2016 (SSRS) as Business Report Platform
  • Paginated reports, Datazen Dashboards & KPIs
  • Reporting Services 2016 and Power BI Integration
  • Main differences between Reporting Services 2016 and previous versions
  • BI Self-Service
  • Best practices and visualization techniques
  • Best practices for Dashboard design
  • Corporate Performance Management
  • Labs

7. End of master project

You will develop an end of master Project with 150 minimum time dedication. We recommend you to do it over a real solution, perhaps a project for your company

You now have a challenge. You will create a BI & Analytics solution, from begining to end, and will implement it in your company. If you are unemployed or your company does yout support this idea, don´t worry, SolidQ will facilitate you a Database sample and the resources needed to create a project simulating a real situation.

This Master does not only belefit you, but also your company. You will solve a real problem, obtaining a functional and usable solution for your company, with the supervision and support from the SolidQ team. This kind of solution, developled for a consulting company would cost more if you weren´t taking this Master´s degree.

Teachers and Mentors

Dejan Sarka (BI Overview, Data Mining)

ds_100x130Dejan Sarka focuses on development of database & business intelligence applications. Besides projects, he spends about half of the time on training and mentoring. He is the founder of the Slovenian SQL Server and .NET Users Group. Dejan Sarka is the main author or coauthor of nine books about databases and SQL Server (among these Training Kits for Microsoft Exams 70-461 and 70-463). Dejan Sarka also developed two courses for Solid Quality Mentors – Data Modeling Essentials and Data Mining with SQL Server 2012. As an MCT, Dejan Sarka speaks on many local and international events. Some of the international events include conferences such as PASS, TechEd, and DevWeek. He is also indispensable on regional MS events. In addition, he is a co-organizer of a technically top-level conference Bleeding Edge.

Matija Lah (SQL Server Integration Services)

ml_100x130Matija Lah, formally a university graduate of law, has been involved in information management since the nineties. His first introduction to SQL Server in IUS Software d.o.o. Slovenija has later culminated in a new career developing data-centric solutions and consulting. His contributions to the SQL Server community have led to the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award in 2007 (Windows Server System SQL Server).

Karol Papaj (SQL Server Analysis Services, Data Modeling)

ds_100x130Karol Papaj, MCTS and former SQL Server MVP, is a mentor with SolidQ since 2006. Karol is specializing in Relational Engine and Business Intelligence in SQL Server with focus on Performance Tuning and High Availability. He has been working with SQL Server since SQL Server 6.5 and participated in many projects for IT/Telco companies and companies from the banking industry in Slovakia. Besides mentoring and consulting, Karol regularly speaks at conferences organizing by Microsoft and at community events in Slovakia and neighboring countries and teaching SolidQ’s SQL Server courses.

Andreas Schindler (MDX)

ds_100x130Andreas Schindler has been working as a Database Consultant, Mentor and Software Developer since 1992.He has been Microsoft Certified since 1998. He implements BI Projects in Europe, USA and New Zealand. Currently He is developing an ETL tool for Q4bis Software to enable less experienced Consultants to build reasonable BI Solutions in almost no time. He also provides worldwide support for this tool. Based on this practical experience, Andreas Schindler teaches his workshops and trainings with a strong focus on practical solution for customer requirements.

Walter Putz (SQL Server Reporting Services, Excel BI)

ds_100x130 Walter Putz, MCSA, MCSE Database Engine and MCT, is an SQL Server Architect with SolidQ. As Consultant and Trainer for T-SQL Programming, Administration and DWH/BI he works in the whole DACH region; amongst others for ONE, A1, Daimler or Raiffeisen. He delivers SQL Server trainings in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Dresden, Leipzig i.e. for Stadtwerke München, Ferrero, Carl Zeiss, Casinos Austria, Magna et. al.

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