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An Overview

We took modules from our top-quality courses that are especially important for real-life challenges of IT Professionals working with SQL Server. They are offered in two sessions with 2 or 3 days being equal to a one-day classroom training.

DeepDive T-SQL (online) – Analytic Functions (Grouping, Pivoting and Windowing and more)

Windowing functions are one of the most powerful and at the same under-utilized time features of the T-SQL language. Apparently the reason is that developers often are simply not aware of it. Using windowing functions developers can create powerful, simplified code with awesome results.
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DeepDive T-SQL Fundamentals (online) – How to Start with Database Querying

You want to start querying database tables? Then you are right here! Learn the basic and fundamentals each higher knowledge about T-SQL and database development is built upon. Basically the basic of the basics of T-SQL.
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DeepDive Analysis Services (online) – Building Models in SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular Model

Building a proper data model for SSAS Tabular is crucial for the functionality and from a performance point of view. SSAS Tabular doesn’t have the same features as SSAS multidimensional. We are working with tables instead of dimensions; we have calculated columns and calculated measures; new language for defining measures (DAX) etc.

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DeepDive High Availability (online) – AlwaysOn Availability Groups

For Availability Groups are more attractive for some companies compare to Failover Clustering especially those who also have Disaster Recovery in mind. In SQL Server 2016, there was removed a huge amount of limitations from the previous versions, which allows secondary replicas to achieve 90-95% of performance of primary replica and also make AG more manageable as in 2012/2014.
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DeepDive Integration Services (online) – Learning the “L” in ETL (Extract-Transform-Load)

Loading the data into a data warehouse should be done as efficiently as possible. The database must not be blocked and the integrity must be granted, In this class you can effieciently learn how this can be done.
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DeepDive SQL Server Memory – In-Memory OLTP

In-Memory is one of the key features of SQL Server 2014. With the completely new In-Memory architecture together with native compiled stored procedures it is possible to reach enormous performance improvement. In this one-day-course we will take a close look on it. Besides In-Memory architecture and technology we will check out possible usage scenarios and discuss their pros and cons. Furthermore we will outlook on changes in SQL Server 2016.
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DeepDive SQL Server Memory

Proper memory management is an important component of a well-performing SQL Server. In this one-day-course we take a look how SQL Server manages the memory and how it works with Execution and Cache Memory. We see where problems might appear and develop, implement and monitor a best-practice.
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