DBA & Perf. Tunning Courses

Database Administration Courses


Building and Managing HA Solutions with SQL Server

This is a High-Availability course for the real-world. You’ll learn the essentials for buliding and managing a reliable high availability solution.

Performance Tuning Courses

We have put together a seminar that will not only allow you to optimise the overall performance of your Data Server, but also teach you how to anticipate potential problems and mitigate their effects; after all we need to work within the constraints as dictated by the business strategy.

Designed for SQL Server administrators who are responsible for monitoring, troubleshooting and optimizing database servers and installations, and SQL Server developers who are responsible for developing efficient SQL Server queries and stored procedures.


SQL Server Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting

Learn in this 5-day course the internal architecture of SQL Server and the typical environments it operates in. Diagnose problems and optimize the performance of your SQL Server environment. SQL Server 2017 already incuded!

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