SQL Server Memory DeepDive – In-Memory OLTP


In-Memory is one of the key features of SQL Server 2014.


Duration: 8 hours

Level: 300

What does this course cover?

In-Memory is one of the key features of SQL Server 2014. With the completely new In-Memory architecture together with native compiled stored procedures it is possible to reach enormous performance improvement. In this one-day-course we will take a close look on it. Besides In-Memory architecture and technology we will check out possible usage scenarios and discuss their pros and cons. Furthermore we will outlook on changes in SQL Server 2016.


Pre-requisites: What do you need to know?

Experience with SQL Server Administration.

“Herr Albert beherrscht sein Fachgebiet und kann sein Wissen sehr gut vermitteln”

WHEN and WHERE is this course running?

Course outline

Module 01
  • Architectural Overview
  • Memory-Optimized Tables and Variables
    • Hash and BW-Tree indexes
  • Natively Compiled Stored Procedures
  • Transact-SQL Support
  • Transaction Isolation
  • In-Memory OLTP Management
    • Storage
    • Memory
    • Backup/Restore and Recovery
  • Usage Scenarios
  • Migrating to In-Memory OLTP
  • In-Memory OLTP in SQL Server 2016

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