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SQL Server Memory DeepDive – In-Memory OLTP

In-Memory is one of the key features of SQL Server 2014.


Duration: 8 hours


Level: 300


What does this course cover?

In-Memory is one of the key features of SQL Server 2014. With the completely new In-Memory architecture together with native compiled stored procedures it is possible to reach enormous performance improvement. In this one-day-course we will take a close look on it. Besides In-Memory architecture and technology we will check out possible usage scenarios and discuss their pros and cons. Furthermore we will outlook on changes in SQL Server 2016.


Pre-requisites: What do you need to know?

Experience with SQL Server Administration.

“Herr Albert beherrscht sein Fachgebiet und kann sein Wissen sehr gut vermitteln”

Course outline

Module 01
  • Architectural Overview
  • Memory-Optimized Tables and Variables
    • Hash and BW-Tree indexes
  • Natively Compiled Stored Procedures
  • Transact-SQL Support
  • Transaction Isolation
  • In-Memory OLTP Management
    • Storage
    • Memory
    • Backup/Restore and Recovery
  • Usage Scenarios
  • Migrating to In-Memory OLTP
  • In-Memory OLTP in SQL Server 2016

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