COURSE: Python for SQL Server Specialists

Python as a more general language is getting more and more popular. Lately, Python is more widely used for data science as well. SQL Server 2017 adds support for running Python code inside the Database Engine.



The course will take place in a classroom with no more than 20 students in order to maintain a good level of interactivity.


The course will take place in your company’s facilities. We limit attendance to no more than 20 students in order to maintain a good level of interactivity. Request quote here.

Course Benefits

Python is more organized language than R. In last years, many data analytics libraries for Python evolved, and thus Python is catching up with R even in the data science area.

Microsoft added support for Python code in SQL Server in version 2017. Now you can use either R or Python inside the Database Engine for advanced tasks like predictive analytics. Therefore, you can use the language that suits you better. Statisticians and mathematicians might prefer R, while developers tend to be more Python oriented.

Attendees of this seminar learn to program with Python from the scratch. Basic Python code is introduced using the Python engine installed with SQL Server 2017 and Visual Studio 2017. The seminar shows some more advanced data manipulations, matrix calculations and statistical analysis together with graphing options. The mathematics behind is briefly explained as well. Then the seminar switches more advanced data mining and machine learning analyses.

Who is this courser for?

Database Developers, who want to get more knowledge about Python

Pre Requirements: Participants in this training should have knowledge in: notions of data analysis and database developing

Expert Mentors

Our instructors have faced in previous real case projects, the same problems you are facing now. Learn from experience professionals.


Interaction and Q&A

In all of our trainings, you will have the chance to ask individual questions and be capable of solving certain issues.

“Dejan Sarka knows what he is talking about!”


Module 01: Introduction to Python

Module 02: Data Overview and Manipulation

Module 03: Basic and Advanced Visualizations

Module 04: Data Mining and Machine Learning Methods

Module 05: Scalable Python in SQL Server

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