Power BI for Business Users


Traditional Excel, with all its powerful options and easy to use features, but with new add-ins that dramatically improve its power.


Duration: 32 hours

Level: 300


The main goal of this training is to provide the enough knowledge needed to integrate data and to perform analysis using Power BI tools. The whole training is run around practical cases on sales, stock management and finance, so the student can quickly put in practice the new features in their daily tasks.

At the end of the course the student will be able to:

  • To Identify the main features of Power BI (Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View and Power Maps) and apply them on their daily tasks on his job position.
  • To import data from different sources like Excel, Access, SQL Server, oData, etc.
  • To optimize the common data repository
  • To define measures, KPIs and build calculations based on DAX
  • To analyse all the information and create powerful visualizations and scorecards using Power View, Power Map and Excel features

”Very knowledgeable and good energy. Kept the class moving and engaged”

WHEN and WHERE is this course running?

What does this course cover?

Power BI is the new Microsoft Business Intelligence solution based on the cloud and Office 365 that allows users to do extensive analysis of their own information using common and familiar tools like Excel, based on the new Self-Service BI capabilities provided by MS.
You will use your traditional Excel, with all its powerful options and easy to use features, but with new add-ins that dramatically improve its power:

  • Several millions of rows can be updated in Excel with just one click thanks to Power Pivot and Power Query. They allow you to integrate data from different source of data (Excel, Access, Sql Server, ERP, CRM, oData, Oracle, etc.) and provide a new language called as DAX to empower the analysis and calculation features.
  • New visualization tools as Power View and Power Map will allow you to create impressed interactive presentations for data storytelling.

Power BI allows you to share your analysis by just sharing your workbooks using sharepoint and Office 365, or even convert them in your corporate BI based on SQL Server Analysis Services

Who is this course designed for?

People working on financial, marketing, sales, retails, controlling, administrative departments, but in general, any Excel user that needs to analyse data from their company.
Before attending this course, it is recommended that students have moderate experience with:

  • Excel
  • Data Analytics

All our courses can be offered as a private delivery and tailored for your team's specific needs

Course outline

Module 01: Introduction to Power BI
  • BIPersonal, Departmental and Corporate BI
  • Power BI, What is that? Which are their components? How are they used? Why Excel?
  • Exploring Power Pivot information based on Pivot Tables, Pivot Graphs and Power View
Module 02: Power Query
  • Setting up Power Query
  • Power Query as a ETL tool (Extract, Transform and Load your business data)
Module 03: PowerPivot for Excel, Personal BI
  • PowerPivot for Excel
  • Modelling Concepts for business users
  • Import data from different sources
  • Data relationships
  • Improving the data model (tables, columns, relationships)
  • Time as they main business key to analyse your business
  • Hands on practical labs. Real scenarios
Module 04: Improving the analysis with DAX
  • DAX. Why do we need it?
  • DAX features
  • Basic DAX calculations in your model
  • DAX functions
  • Creating calculations, measures and KPIs
  • Hands-on practical labs. Real scenarios
Module 05: Exploring the information stored in your Power Pivot
  • Pivot Tables, Pivot Graphs
  • Power View
  • Power Map
  • Creating Scorecards
  • Hands on practical labs. Real scenarios
Module 06: From the Self-Service BI to the Corporate one
  • I need sharing….How can I do it?
  • Departmental BI using SharePoint and Office 365
  • Corporate BI using SQL Server Analysis Services

WHEN and WHERE is this course running next?

This course may be scheduled in more than one region. Please check availability in your country.