Mastering Power BI Solutions

Curate data sources, cleanse and model data using tried-and-true techniques to improve accuracy and deliver business value.


Duration: 24 hours

Level: 300


  • Use the components of Power BI to create and publish a complete analytic solution
  • Combine and transform data from different sources, model data for reporting and discovery, and write calculations, KPIs and complex metrics.
  • Use Power BI report visuals to create interactive visualizations and dashboards
  • Deliver a collaborative BI solution in Power BI online enabling natural language queries with natural language Q&A.
  • Manage published solutions with scheduled data refresh and queries using live, on-premises data.
  • Connect to live, on-premises data sources through DirectQuery and Analysis Services.
  • Solve complex data transformation problems with Power Query techniques and the “M” mashup language
  • Perform advanced calculations with DAX
  • Create rich visualizations and statistical analyses using R and custom Power BI visuals.

”Very knowledgeable and good energy. Kept the class moving and engaged”

WHEN and WHERE is this course running?

What does this course cover?

The Mastering Power BI Solutions´course teaches an approach to data visualization and analytics with an eye for correct design principles and best practices.

You will learn to curate data sources, cleanse and model data using tried-and-true techniques to improve accuracy and deliver business value. Topics across the spectrum of self-service and IT-managed business intelligence and analytics include: solution design best practices, data acquisition for a variety of sources, cleansing and transformations; data modeling, mashups, calculations, visualization, analysis and advanced analytics.

Power BI implementation and collaboration use cases include self-service, publishing to the service with scheduled data refresh, using on-premises databases and SSAS, and architecting secure enterprise-scale solutions.

Who is this course designed for?

This course is intended for business users who consume and analyze data, and for Information Technology professionals who design and manage solutions for their business.  This is designed to teach serious business users to curate and analyze information from different data sources.  The course will teach BI solution developers and IT professionals to create dashboards, reporting and interactive visual solutions with small and large data sets, data extracts and large-scale, governed data sources.

What do you need to know before attending?

The course may be presented for beginning-level students who have little prior experience, or to students ready to expand their existing skills.  Those students should have entry-level experience using Power BI Desktop or Power Pivot and using pivot tables in Excel.  Some prior experience with database queries and reporting tools is helpful but not required.

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Course outline

Day 1

Module 01: Introduction to Business Analytics
Module 02: Data Acquisition and Cleansing/Introduction to Power Query/M
Module 03: Data Modeling Essentials
Module 04: Quick Analysis
Module 05: Calculation Basics/DAX
Module 06: Visualizing and Analyzing Information
Module 07: Publishing Sharing Distributing

Day 2

Module 08: Mobile Analytics Design and Usability
Module 09: Architecting Business Solutions, on premise connectivity
Module 10: Advanced Data Transformation with Power Query/M
Module 11: Advanced Data Modeling Techniques
Module 12: Advanced Calculations/DAX

Day 3

Module 13: Advanced Analytics/R
Module 14: Advanced Visualization Techniques
Module 15: Administration Essentials
Module 16: Intro to Development
Module 17: Bring Your Own Data & Business Case Deep Dive

WHEN and WHERE is this course running next?

This course may be scheduled in more than one region. Please check availability in your country.