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Business Analytics DeepDive – Using R with SQL Server and Azure ML


R is the most popular environment and language for statistical analyses, data mining, and machine learning. Managed and scalable version of R runs in SQL Server and Azure ML.


Duration: 1 day

Level: 400

What does this course cover?

As being an open source development, R is the most popular analytical engine and programming language for data scientists worldwide. The amount of libraries with new analytical functions is enormous and continuously growing. However, there are also some drawbacks. R is a programming language, so you have to learn it to use it. Open source development also means less control over code. Finally, the free R engine is not scalable.
Microsoft added support for R code in SQL Server 2016 and in Azure Machine Learning, or Azure ML. A parallelized highly scalable execution engine is used to execute the R scripts. In addition, not every library is allowed in these two environments.
Attendees of this seminar learn to program with R from the scratch. Basic R code is introduced using the free R engine and RStudio IDE. Then the seminar shows some more advanced matrix calculations and statistical analysis together with graphing options. The mathematics behind is briefly explained as well. Then the seminar switches more advanced data mining and machine learning analyses. Attendees also learn how to use the R code in SQL Server, Azure ML, and create SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports that use R.


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WHEN and WHERE is this course running?

Course outline

  • Introduction to R
    • Discussion: Experience with data mining and machine learning
  • R matrix computations, statistics, and graphing capabilities
    • Discussion: How do you use statistics
  • Data mining and machine learning in R
    • Discussion: Common data mining and machine learning tasks
  • Using R in SQL Server and SSRS
    • Discussion: When to use R and when T-SQL
  • Introducing Azure ML and R support
    • Discussion: Azure ML vs on premise solutions

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