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SolidQ is a global provider of consulting, training and managed services for Business Analytics and Data Management.


Training Services

SolidQ present both deeply technical and practical concepts in our training approach. This ensures each student encounters a more relevant learning experience and walks away with a better understanding of the material. We pride ourselves in presenting students with real-world examples and detailed answers that surpass information found in any written material.

Advanced Technical Trainers

Our expert trainers spend the majority of their time designing, building, deploying, and managing cutting edge projects at customer sites around the world in order to bring that experience into the classroom.

Our trainers go beyond just explaining the technical concepts, they also focus on the practical application of the principles. Students benefit from a relevant learning experience and a well-rounded presentation.

Think Private

Think Private” is not just for large companies who have a lot of students taking the same course at the same time, at their own training facility. SolidQ’s highly valued training, provided by the top technologists and communicators in their field, is surprisingly affordable for as few as two or three students. In fact, it is just about the same price to send three students to our public classes as it is to have a one of our trainers come to you and train those three students at your facility. Private training also eliminates the vulnerability that many companies face when their dev/ops team travel to public training. With the students “close by”, they are accessible should an unforeseen event require their attention. When you weigh the time, money, and value allocated to a training experience that is focused on your team, your specific learning needs, and within your timeframe, you’ll realize that private classes can maximize your investment.

Any of our SolidQ courses can be modified for a private training approach that not only gives your team a deep-dive educational experience, but also allows the trainer to teach courses based on your company’s specific needs and interests.

Live Online Training

Live Online Training Courses use the same class Instructor, content and materials as used in our traditional classroom setting. With online conferencing technologies and a live instructor, you are still afforded the same learning opportunity from our SQL Server experts, without traveling away from home or work. This venue offers you the highest quality training available at a lower cost to you and your company. In addition to scheduled Live Online deliveries, all of our courses are also available for Live Online delivery to a group of students from your company in a private-class setting.

Using your computer on a high speed internet connection, you will be able to connect to a group session led by an instructor that allows and encourages full participation from the students. You will be able to follow along with the instructor presentation, ask questions and have them answered publicly or via private chat, view application demonstrations, share applications, and practice what is learned in hands-on exercises.

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