Why Training?

Research shows that higher spending on employee training and efforts to create strong corporate learning cultures actually reduce turnover, increase employee engagement, and improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

Employees recognize and appreciate the investment, and reward employers with greater loyalty and productivity, which in turn, makes customers happy. We challenge our clients to think differently about the cost of skills training. The long term gain often outweighs the short-term cost.


Why SolidQ?

A content developer and global provider of training services, SolidQ creates advanced training designed to complement and build on Microsoft’s curriculum.

Our courses provide you with outstanding training at your fingertips both virtually and in-person.

SolidQ authors and trainers are world class Data Management and Analytic experts. They bring to the classroom real-world problems and solutions derived from years of industry experience.

”I just wanted to say “Thank you” again for teaching such a great Advanced T-SQL class. You helped me realize that I’ve been complacent over these past years, never pushing the limits of what I can do or what I can learn”

“I made this remark to a class mate: I’ve never had so highly-trained trainer having so much knowledge so many experiences as Rubén Garrigós. It was a big pleasure for me to be able to attend his masterly classes.”

“Throughout the course I have been impressed by the instructor’s knowledge of SQL and its internals. His explanations of not just how, but also why, have been incredibly valuable to my understanding of the material covered.”

Featured Class:

The Foundation of a solid education in database development:

T-SQL Fundamentals (online)

Special offer: EUR 980.00 (excl. VAT)
Start: Jan 9th 2017

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All our courses are also available for private delivery at your premises.

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